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R & D overview

       Zhongyianke branch has actively introduced and trained independent R & D personnel, updated products, continuously expanded new product lines, formed a sensitive and efficient R & D system based on the technical level of vaccine R & D in the industry, and industrialized the potential new varieties and new processes in the industry. The R & D of zhongyianke branch implements the project system management. Each R & D project is equipped with a subject leader and technical backbone.

Complete R & D system

External cooperative R & D: cooperative R & D refers to the initial laboratory research with the help of the resources of professional research institutions, and the technical property rights are obtained through the contract, and then the industrial development of laboratory research results is realized by zhongyianke branch. The cooperative development is conducive to improving the research strength of zhongyianke branch for new vaccines and giving full play to the resource and experience advantages of zhongyianke branch in the field of industrialization. Zhongyianke branch actively develops cooperation with leading vaccine R & D institutions at home and abroad to jointly develop internationally leading vaccine products.

Independent research and development: it means that the vaccine products from small-scale test, pilot test, preclinical research, clinical trial (completed in the national designated test base) and the industrialization of final technical achievements are completed by zhongyianke branch independently or with the help of necessary designated test bases to build a unified research and development platform.

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